Technical note for "SOFIA Finds Cool Dust Around Energetic Active Black Holes"

Target: 11 Active Galactic Nuclei (MCG-5-23-16, Mrk 573, NGC 2110, NGC 2992, NGC 3081, NGC 3227, NGC 3281, NGC 4388, NGC 5506, NGC 7469, NGC 7674)
Target Description: Nuclear dust emission from Active Galactic Nuclei

Instrument: FORCAST
Spectral Elements: LWC
Central Wavelength: 31.5 um
Bandwidth: 5.7 um
Exposure times: 3 - 13 minutes
Observation date: Feb. - Jun. 2014

Proposal ID: 04_0048
Program PI: E. Lopez-Rodriguez
Publication: Fuller, L., et al., 2016, MNRAS, 462, 2618

FORCAST was used to perform 31.5 um imaging observations, which allows us to detect warm dust radiated by the central engine in AGN. Typical symmetric chop-nod techniques were used and a FWHM of 3.4 arc sec was measured.

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