Technical note for “The structure of the Cepheus E protostellar outflow: The jet, the bowshock, and the cavity”

Target: Cep E-mm protostar in the Cepheus OB3 association
Target Description: Outflow from an intermediate-mass protostar

Instrument: GREAT
Spectral Elements: L1 and L2 Channels
Rest Frequency: 1496.923, 1841.346 GHz
Bandwidth: 1.5 GHz
Exposure times: 23 minutes
Observation date: November 2013

Instrument: GREAT
Spectral Elements: L1 Channel
Rest Frequency: 1381.995 GHz
Bandwidth: 1.5 GHz
Exposure times: 15 minutes
Observation date: July 2011

Proposal ID: 01_0113
Program PI: A. Gusdorf
Publication: Lefloch, B., et al., 2015, A&A, 581, A4

Technical Note
GREAT was used to observe three high-J CO lines, J = 12-11 at 1.382 THz, J = 13-12 at 1.497 THz and J = 16-15 at 1.841 THz, which trace gas that is warmer than that traced by low-J lines accessible at millimeter wavelengths. The instrument was tuned so as to cover the local standard of rest velocities of the important emitting components: the jet (-140 to -100 km s-1), the bowshock (-90 to -50 km s-1) and the outflow cavity (-50 to -17 km s-1). All three components were found to have warm components with Tkin ~ 500-1500K, n(H2) ~ 1-5 x 106 cm-3, and N(CO) ~ 1.5-10 x 1016 cm-2.

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