SOFIA Users Group (SUG) 6th Meeting

The sixth meeting of the SUG took place on October 20, 2014 at the SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames, CA.

Report of the SOFIA Users Group

Title (Speaker) File
Agenda pdf
Agenda, Membership (W. Reach) pdf
SOFIA Program Update (E. Zavala) pdf
Observing Program Update (E. Young) pdf
Responses to Actions from previous meeting (SUG5) (W. Reach) pdf
SOFIA Cycle 3 Results and Implementation (B-G Andersson) pdf
Large Programs and Cycle 4 (W. Reach) pdf
SOFIA Water Vapor Monitor Status and Calibration (T. Roellig) pdf
SOFIA Science Instruments (E. Smith) pdf
Maximizing Science on SOFIA (E. Becklin) pdf
Outreach Activities (R. Sankrit) pdf
Report on German Activities (H. Zinnecker) pdf
Calibration of Cycles 1 / 2 FORCAST and FLITECAM Grism Spectra (W. Vacca) pdf
Data Processing Status (R. Shuping) pdf
Questions Posed to the 6th SOFIA Users Group pdf

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