SOFIA Users Group (SUG) 3rd Meeting

The third meeting of the SUG took place on April 26, 2013 at the SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames, CA.

Report of the SOFIA Users Group

SMO response to SUG report

Title (Speaker) File
Agenda pdf
SOFIA Program Update (M. Toberman) pdf
Cycle 1 Progress and Plans (E. Young) pdf
Software for observation preparation (R. Sankrit) pdf
Pointing and Image Quality Improvement (P. Temi) pdf
Plans for future Instrument Development (G. Wahlgren) pdf
FORCAST commissioning and upgrade status (J. deBuizer) pdf
HAWC+ status (J. Vaillancourt) pdf
GREAT update (U. Graf) pdf
FIFI-LS Development Status (R. Klein) pdf
EXES Development Status (M. McKelvey) pdf
Planning for Cycle 2 (B-G. Andersson) pdf
Data Processing for Cycle 1 (R. Shuping) pdf
Program plans for the ramp-up to full operations (E. Young, H. Hall) pdf

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