Sarah Nickerson

Sarah Nickerson

Research Scientist

Mailing Address:
SOFIA Science Center
NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop N232-12
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

SOFIA focus areas/responsibilities:

Research, data analysis, mentoring

Research interests:

Astrochemistry, molecular astrophysics, the interstellar medium, star-forming regions, computational astrophysics


Ph.D. Astrophysics and Computation, University of Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland (advisor: Romain Teyssier)
M.Sc. Astrophysics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada (advisor: Hugh Couchman)
B.Sc. Physics and Astrophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

Professional Experience:

2019 - present: Research Scientist, BAERI/NASA Ames

Highlight publications:

"The First Mid-Infrared Detection of HNC in the Interstellar Medium: Probing the Extreme Environment Towards the Orion Hot Core"
Sarah Nickerson, Naseem Rangwala, Sean Colgan, Curtis DeWitt, Xinchuan Huang, Kinsuk Acharyya, Maria Drozdovskaya, Ryan C. Fortenberry, Eric Herbst, Timothy J. Lee, accepted to ApJ.

"A simple model for molecular hydrogen chemistry coupled to radiation hydrodynamics"
Nickerson, Sarah; Teyssier, Romain; Rosdahl, Joakim, 2018, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 479, 3206.

"Mechanisms of baryon loss for dark satellites in cosmological smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulations"
Nickerson, S.; Stinson, G.; Couchman, H. M. P.; Bailin, J.; Wadsley, J., 2011, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 415, 257.

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