Maisie Rashman

Maisie Rashman

EXES Postdoctoral Researcher
UC Davis [Physics and Astronomy]

Mailing Address:
SOFIA Science Center
NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop N232-12
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

SOFIA focus areas/responsibilities:

Postdoctoral Researcher for PI instrument EXES

Research interests:

Mid-infrared instrumentation, star-formation, young stellar objects, planetesimals


PhD: Liverpool John Moores University, 2020, (PhD Advisors Prof. Iain Steele and Prof. Steve Longmore)
M.Sc. University of Liverpool, 2015

Professional Experience:

2020 - present: Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Davis

Highlight publications:

"Microbolometer arrays for ground-based infrared imaging”
Rashman, Maisie F.; Steele, Iain A.; Bates, Stuart D. et al., 2020, Proc. SPIE 11447, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy VIII, 1144796.

"Uncooled microbolometer arrays for ground-based astronomy"
Rashman, M. F.; Steele, I. A.; Bates, S. D.; Copley, D. et al., 2020, MNRAS, 492, 1

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