Fiorella Lucia Polles

Fiorella Lucia Polles

SOFIA Postdoctoral Fellow

Phone: TBD
Fax: (650) 604-1984

Mailing Address:
SOFIA Science Center
NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop N232-12
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

SOFIA focus areas/responsibilities:

Research, data analysis, modeling

Research interests:

Interstellar medium, HII regions, photodissociation regions, Intracluster medium


PhD: University of  Paris-Saclay, France, 2017, (PhD Advisor: Suzanne Madden)
M.Sc. University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, 2014
B.Sc. University of Milano Bicocca, Italy, 2011

Professional Experience:

2020 - present: Postdoctoral Fellow, SOFIA Science Center
2017-2020: Postdoctoral position, Paris Observatory

Highlight publications:

"Excitation mechanisms in the intracluster filaments surrounding brightest cluster galaxies"
Polles, F. L.; Salomé P.; Guillard, P. et al., 2021, A&A, 651, A13

"Modeling the ionized gas in low-metallicity environments: nearby dwarf galaxy IC 10"
Polles, F. L. ; Madden, S. C.; Lebouteiller V. et al., 2019, A&A, 622, A119

"Tracing the total molecular gas in galaxies: [CII] and the CO-dark gas"
Madden, S. C.; Cormier D.; Hony, S. et al., 2020, A&A, 643, A141

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