Enrique Lopez Rodriguez

Enrique Lopez Rodriguez

Instrument Scientist

Phone: (650) 604-5754
Fax: (650) 604-1984

Mailing Address:
SOFIA Science Center
NASA Ames Research Center
Mail Stop N232-12
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

SOFIA focus areas/responsibilities:

Support the acquisition and analysis of Far-Infrared polarimetry of HAWC+, which also include 1) prepare and perform queue-based observations for the user community, 2) monitoring instrument performance and status, and 3) technical interface to the user community and the SOFIA project particularly pertaining on FIR polarimetry.

Research interests:

My main interests are active galactic nuclei (AGN) as seen with the highest angular resolution and polarimetric techniques. This research focused on the characterization of the obscuring dusty material surrounding the AGN from a magneto-hydrodynamical framework.


PhD. University of Florida 2013 (PhD Advisor Dr. Christopher Packham)
M.Sc. University of La Laguna 2008
B.Sc. University of La Laguna 2008

Professional Experience:

2018-present: Instrument Scientist, SOFIA Science Center
2016-2017: Visiting Postdoctoral Scientist, SOFIA Science Center
2016-2017: Research Fellow, University of Texas at Austin
2013-2015: Assistant Professor of Research, University of Texas at San Antonio

Highlight publications:

“The origin of the mid-infrared nuclear polarization of active galactic nuclei”
Lopez-Rodriguez et al. 2018b, MNRAS,  478, 2350

“The highly polarized dusty emission core of Cygnus A”
Lopez-Rodriguez, et al. 2018a, ApJ, 861, 23

"Near-infrared polarimetric adaptive optics observations of NGC 1068: a torus created by a hydromagnetic outflow wind"
Lopez-Rodriguez et al., 2015, MNRAS, 452, 1902.

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