SOFIA Paper Preprints

All papers listed here are submitted or accepted to refereed publications available by searching the Astronomy database of the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS), with the exception of those listed under the heading "Not yet available in ADS". The papers listed include those that present scientific results which have made use of data obtained with SOFIA and (denoted by an asterisk, with independent numbering) all the other papers, including those about the observatory and the instruments.

List created : 2021-9-30

Science preprints: 24, Observatory preprints: (*) 3

24. "Probing gas kinematics and PDR structure around O-type stars in Sh 2-305 HII region"
Bhadari, N. K., et al., 2021-09-00, ADS

23. "The Infrared Evolution of Dust in V838 Monocerotis"
Woodward, C. E., et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

22. "Globules and pillars in Cygnus X III. Herschel and upGREAT/SOFIA far-infrared spectroscopy of the globule IRAS 20319+3958 inCygnus X"
Schneider, N., et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

21. "Studying magnetic fields and dust in M17 using polarized thermal dust emission observed by SOFIA/HAWC+"
Hoang, Thuong Duc, et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

20. "M17 MIR: A massive protostar with multiple accretion Outbursts"
Chen, Zhiwei, et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

19. "The 2019 outburst of the 2005 classical nova V1047 Cen: a record breaking dwarf nova outburst or a new phenomenon?"
Aydi, E., et al., 2021-08-00, ADS

18. "Watching massive stars grow with SOFIA"
Stecklum, Bringfried, et al., 2021-07-00, ADS

17. "FORCAST imaging of two small nearby Clusters: The Coronet and B59"
Sandell, G., et al., 2021-07-00, ADS

16. "Extragalactic magnetism with SOFIA (Legacy Program) -- II: The bimodal magnetic field in the starburst ring of NGC 1097"
Lopez-Rodriguez, Enrique, et al., 2021-07-00, ADS

15. "SOFIA-upGREAT imaging spectroscopy of the [C II] 158um fine structure line of the Sgr B region in the Galactic center"
Harris, A. I., et al., 2021-07-00, ADS

14. "The Mid-IR SOFIA FORCAST Spectrum of Nova V1405 Cassiopeia"
Gehrz, R. D., et al., 2021-07-00, ADS

13. "The chemistry of chlorine-bearing species in the diffuse interstellar medium, and new SOFIA/GREAT observations of HCl+"
Neufeld, David A., et al., 2021-06-00, ADS

12. "HAWC+/SOFIA Polarimetry in L1688: Relative Orientation of Magnetic Field and Elongated Cloud Structure"
Lee, Dennis, et al., 2021-06-00, ADS

11. "Tracing PAH Size in Prominent Nearby Mid-Infrared Environments"
Knight, C., et al., 2021-06-00, ADS

10. "V838 Monocerotis as seen by ALMA: a remnant of a binary merger in a triple system"
Kamiński, Tomek, et al., 2021-06-00, ADS

9. "SOFIA observations of 30 Doradus: I -- Far-Infrared dust polarization and implications for grain alignment and disruption by radiative torques"
Tram, Le Ngoc, et al., 2021-05-00, ADS

8. "Chemical complexity of phosphorous bearing species in various regions of the Interstellar medium"
Sil, Milan, et al., 2021-05-00, ADS

7. "Local Analogs to High-Redshift Galaxies: I. Characterization of Dust Emission and Star Formation History"
Motiño Flores, Skarleth M, et al., 2021-05-00, ADS

6. "Multi-scale Magnetic Fields in the Central Molecular Zone"
Hu, Yue, et al., 2021-05-00, ADS

5. "Extragalactic Magnetism with SOFIA (Legacy Program) -- I: The magnetic field in the multi-phase interstellar medium of M51"
Borlaff, Alejandro S., et al., 2021-05-00, ADS

Science Preprints not yet available in ADS

4. "Measuring Chemical Abundances with Infrared Nebular Lines: HII-Chi-mistry-IR"
Fernández-Ontiveros, J. A., 2021-08-00, ADS

3. "Mapping the magnetic field in the Taurus/B211 filamentary cloud with SOFIA HAWC and comparing with simulation"
Li, P. K., 2021-99, 

2. "Atomic Shocks in the Outflow of L1551 IRS 5 Identified with SOFIA-upGREAT Observations of [OI]"
Yang, Yao-Lun, 2021-99, 

1. "SOFIA Far-infrared [O III] and [O I] Observations of Dense CO-knots in the Supernova Remnant Cassiopeia A: Multi-phase Ejecta"
Rho, J, 2021-99, astro-ph

*3. "Polarised emission from aligned dust grains in nearby galaxies: predictions from the Auriga simulations"
Vandenbroucke, Bert, 2021-07-00, ADS

*2. "The Role of Terahertz and Far-IR Spectroscopy in Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Interstellar Prebiotic Molecules"
Mifsud, Duncan V., 2021-08-00, ADS

Technical Preprints not yet available in ADS

*1. "4GREAT -- a four-color receiver for high-resolution airborne terahertz spectroscopy"
Duran,C, 2021-99, astro-ph

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