Science Cases

"The Science Vision for the Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy"
This document presents the overall vision for the mission and highlights key science questions that will be addressed by SOFIA.

"Training of Instrumentalists and Development of New Technologies on SOFIA", a white paper by Erickson et al. (2009).

Science Cases (Design Reference Mission Case Studies)

Methane in Mars' Atmosphere: Evidence for Life or Uncertain Detections?
(Lacy, Richter, Greathouse; 2005)

Exploring the Kuiper Belt with Stellar Occultations
(Elliot and Dunham; 2005)

Exploring the early Evolution of our Solar System using SOFIA
(Sitko, Russell, Lynch, Wooden, Lisse, Woodward, Kelley; 2008)

Water in Space: Comets and the Interstellar Medium
(Bergin, Blake, Goldsmith, Harris, Melnick, Zmuidzinas; 2008)

New Insights into the Physics of Infrared Cirrus
(Dowell, Hildebrand, Lazarian, Werner, Zweibel; 2005)

Precise Photometry of Extrasolar Planets
(Dunham, Brown, Charbonneau, Elliot, McLean; 2005)

Protostellar Cores in Infrared Dark Clouds
(Staguhn, Jackson, Rathborne, Simon, Wyrowski, Benford; 2008)

Magnetic Fields, Turbulence, and Star Formation
(Novak, Davidson, Dowell, Hildebrand, Kirby, Lazarian, Looney, Zweibel; 2005)

Spatially Resolved Protostars in Taurus
(Hillenbrand and Eisner; 2005)

The Protostellar Luminosity Function
(Hillenbrand, Greene, Harvey; 2005)

The Interstellar Deuterium Abundance
(Guesten and the GREAT Consortium; 2005)

SOFIA Observations of the Circumnuclear Disk at the Galactic Center
(Morris, Erickson, Chuss, Stacey, Staguhn; 2005)

Supernova Remnants and the Life Cycle of Interstellar Dust
(Dwek, Arendt, Bregman, Colgan, Dinerstein, Gehrz, Moseley; 2008)

Deep HAWC Surveys for Far-IR Luminous Galaxies
(Blain, Davidson, Moseley; 2005)

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