5.6 FPI+

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5.6.1 Overview of AOTs

FPI+ specific instructions and reminders of general issues are given in the following topics below. It is necessary to read the FPI+ chapter of the Observer's Handbook before preparing detailed FPI+ observations in USPOT. Astronomical Observation Requests (AORs) should be created as described in Chapter 3.

The USPOT Observation drop-down menu lists the Astronomical Observing Template (AOT) available for FPI+. Refer to the Observer's Handbook for a complete description of available combinations of configurations and modes for FPI+.

The USPOT FPI+ Main AOR Window is compiled into a single FPI+ frame. Figure 5.6-1 shows an example of the Main AOR Window of the FPI+ AOT. The instrument-specific fields are discussed in detail in this chapter. Contact the Help-Desk with any questions.

Figure 5.6-1.

Main AOR Window of the FPI plus AOT

Figure 5.6-1. An example of the FPI+ AOT Main AOR Window.

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5.6.2 AOR Fields

Table 5.6-1 lists the required fields for Phase I and Phase II for the available FPI+ AOT. Fields that are not listed in these tables fall under one of three categories: fields not directly editable in USPOT (but may be affected by updating other fields, which are required; for more information on how particular fields may be related, refer to the corresponding sections within the Observer's Handbook), fields intended for use only by SOFIA Support Scientists only, or optional fields.

Table 5.6-1.
All Observer's Handbook (OH) Reference links in the table point to the latest version of the Observer's Handbook—currently Cycle 9. Be sure you are using the version of the Observer's Handbook that corresponds to your observing cycle. The documentation for all cycles can be found on the Proposal Documents webpage.

Phase I Field Requirements
Field Location Field Reference
FPI+ Frame Specify Target § 3.4
Instrument Mode OH §
Exposure Time SITE; OH § 5.2
Repeat OH § 5.2
Spectral 1 Spectral 2 OH §
Observing Condition & Acquisition/Tracking Window Is Time Critical 1After 1 UTDate 1Before 1 UTDate Visible Magnitude Visible Wavelength OH § 5.2
Phase II Field Requirements
Field Location Field Reference
FPI+ Frame Image Size X Image Size Y Pixel Binning FPI Tracking OH § 5.2.1
Observing Condition & Acquisition/Tracking Window Target Priority OH § 5.2

1For Is Time Critical = Yes

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