4. Phase II: Observation Preparation and Submission

The following instructions assume the proposer has submitted the information required for Phase I, that the proposal has been accepted, and that the proposer and now needs to access the previously submitted forms to alter the default values or make changes to other entries. Before preparing detailed observations in USPOT, please read the relevant instrument chapters of the Observer's Handbook. The Astronomical Observation Requests (AORs) should be created as described in Chapter 3 of this manual.

FIFI-LS and FORCAST support scientists will be completing the Phase II portion of AORS, in addition to reviewing Phase I entries, and uploading these new drafts of the AORs into the DCS system for proposers to review. The proposal PIs will be notified by their support scientists when their AORs are available for review. Proposal PIs or designated CoIs should work directly with their support scientists to make necessary changes to their AORs according to the information provided here and in the FIFI-LS and FORCAST chapters.

Proposers only need to log in to the DCS to download saved .aor files from the DCS server in USPOT, which is the recommended approach for Phase II. After a proposal has been initially submitted, the title of the Proposal Window should always read “Proposal xx_xxxx (Approved)”. The proposal can then be either downloaded from the DCS server (recommended) or uploaded from a local file to make edits, in either case the Proposal Window should still read “Proposal xx_xxxx (Approved)”—if it does not, the result will be the user submitting multiple proposals.

To download a proposal from USPOT to make edits, select the Search DCS Observing Plan Database 
down arrow icon
icon to launch a popup window with the following frames: Get Proposal, Get Proposal List, and Proposal.

When the proposal was originally submitted, a local copy was saved to the user's last accessed folder; the file’s name was automatically generated to reflect the proposal ID in the format xx_xxxx.aor. This Proposal ID is used to search for the Proposal in USPOT. In the Get Proposal frame, enter the Proposal ID and select Get Proposal.

A pop-up window will appear requesting the users DCS account log-in credentials in order to search the observing plan. The login email and password are the same ones used to register with DCS. Proposal PIs have permission to see the details of only their own proposals; a Permission Denied message if will appear if the PI enters a proposal ID that is not tied to their credentials.

Open the tree on the right side of the chooser panel to see the details of the observing plan, click on the topmost node labeled Proposal, then select Accept. (The Accept button will only be enabled after selecting the Proposal node.) This will load the proposal in USPOT and also save a local copy with the file name xx_xxxx_Downloaded_Proposal.aor, in addition to a xx_xxxx_propDoc.pdf file. As the downloaded version of the proposal is edited and manually saved, it will overwrite the existing xx_xxxx.aor file, and the xx_xxxx_Downloaded_Proposal.aor file can be kept as a backup in case it becomes necessary to revert to the previous version at a later time. If the AOR file is uploaded from a local file instead of downloaded from USPOT, a xx_xxxx_backup.aor file will be produced instead of the xx_xxxx_Downloaded_Proposal.aor file.

Notice that the Total Duration time and Awarded time in the status bar located in the bottom-right corner of the main window do not match. The overhead for each AOR is recalculated using the extra information that has been filled out in the AOR editor window during Phase II, so the Total Duration time value is the most accurate. The estimated time may be marginally higher than the awarded time, in which case the value will be flagged and show up in red. However, the AORs may still be submitted. Contact the Instrument Scientists via the Help-Desk with any questions.

When the Proposal is ready to be resubmitted, any existing xx_xxxx.aor and xx_xxxx.pdf local files will be automatically overwritten with the submitted version of the proposal.

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