2. Setup

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2.1 Download and Installation

Navigate to USPOT Download and select Download for the appropriate platform. Please refer to the instructions relevant to your platform for installation details and known issues.

For quick start, refer to the USPOT Pocket Guide pdf that is packaged with the installer.

Always use the most current version of USPOT. The best way to ensure that you are using the most current version is to select the Options drop-down menu, then make sure Use Automatic USPOT Version Update is checked by clicking on it from the drop-down menu.

Note: If an error window pop-up entitled "No Privilege for Auto-Update" displays, this is because the downloaded file is a DMG file that contains a read-only directory of the downloaded folder. To correct this, simply drag the downloaded folder (e.g., the folder "uspot410" for USPOT version 4.1.0) to a local directory, such as your Desktop. This will remove the read-only restrictions and you should now be able to select the Use Automatic USPOT Version Update option. A work-around for this, should it be necessary, is to delete the current version of USPOT downloaded on your local directory, then download the latest version of USPOT from the USPOT download webpage.

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2.2 Main Screen Toolbar and General Features

USPOT is composed of a main screen with tabs to toggle between the Proposal window and the Observations window (Section 3.1). The general features of the main AOR windows are discussed in Chapter 3. The following are icons are available on the USPOT main screen toolbar, directly beneath the title bar.

The first cluster of icons refer to general initial functions performed in USPOT.
down arrow icon
   Search DCS Observing Plan Database Originated from GI
yellow folder icon
    Read in AORs from a file
floppy disk icon
   Write out one or all of your AORs to a local file
up arrow icon
    Upload one or all of your AORs to DCS and save a copy to local drive
circular arrow icon
The second cluster of icons are used to edit specific selected AORs. Icons marked with an asterisk are greyed out (i.e. deactivated) until AORs have been defined.
AOR document with plus sign icon
   Create AOR
AOR document with X icon
   *Delete the selected AORs
AOR document with arrow icon
   *Modify the current AOR
AOR document with plus sign icon
   *Copy the current AOR
AOR document with triangle icon
   *Draw current AOR footprints on images
The third cluster of icons are used to edit targets on a target list. Icons marked with an asterisk are greyed out (i.e. deactivated) until targets have been defined on the target list. Target lists are useful because they can be saved locally and uploaded into USPOT for use in future proposal cycles; individual targets from the target list may then be selected to more efficiently build AORs as desired. To save a target list locally, select the Save icon 
floppy disk icon
which will launch the Save AOR(s) and Target(s) to Local File window; (if desired, define the name of the target list and the location of the file in the Save As box) then in the lower left corner of the window select Save Target list from the Save AOR or Target List frame, and finally select the Files of type drop-down menu at the bottom of the window.
target icon
   Create a new target of any type
target with X through it icon
  *Delete the selected targets
target with arrow icon
  *Modify the current target
three overlapping targets icon
   Show a dialog with the list of targets
The next icon is the Set Visible Columns icon. The first time USPOT is launched, the Observations window displays all available column options (Label, Target, Position, Instrument, etc.) by default: don't panic. Show or hide any columns in the AORs Summary Table by selecting the Select Columns icon 
select columns icon
above the scroll bar in the in the upper right corner of the table’s header or by using the Set Visible Columns icon 
set visible columns icon
in the toolbar. Selections will be saved automatically as part of the user's preferences and display with the specified settings the next time USPOT is launched. To see all columns, simply select the icon and choose Reset Table to Factory Setting. Columns can also be rearranged by dragging the column header around.
set visible columns icon
   Set Visible Columns
The final cluster of icons in the toolbar are for the review and submission steps when completing Phase I.
pdf icon
   Preview Program PDF
green check mark icon
   Validate Program
paper airplane icon
   Submit Program

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