8.1.3 Angular Resolution

The CCD sensor of the FPI+ is an e2v CCD201-20 1024 x 1024 pixel frame transfer EMCCD with a plate scale of 0.51’’/pix and a square field of view (FOV) of 8.7’x8.7’. The unvignetted FOV is a circular beam of approx. 9’ diameter centered on the FPI+ sensor. Pixel binning of 2x2, 4x4, etc. is available and can be used to increase the frame rate and reduce the effective readout noise. In flight, the seeing blur size of the observatory is at about 4’’ diameter. Therefore, a reduction of the angular resolution by binning up to 4x4 (2x2 arcsec2) still provides critical sampling of the seeing element.

The image quality in visible wavelengths on SOFIA is dominated by seeing and image motion effects. A wavelength dependent analysis of the image quality for the visual wavelength range has been done by the HIPO team.

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