5.1.3 Beam Rotator

The SOFIA telescope is essentially an Alt-Az-mounted telescope.Thus, the sky rotates while tracking an object. However, the telescope can rotate around all three axes. The amount it can rotate in cross-elevation and line-of-sight is limited though. Thus, the normally continuous sky rotation is frozen-in for some time while the telescope is inertially stabilized. When the telescope reaches its limit in line-of-sight rotation, it needs to "re-wind" resulting in a rotated FOV of the telescope.

FIFI-LS has a beam rotator (K-mirror) that rotates the instrument's FOV, counteracting the sky rotation experienced by the SOFIA telescope. When a "re-wind" happens, the FIFI-LS beam rotator will automatically rotate the FOV of the instrument, so that the position angle of the instrument's FOV on the sky is maintained. An additional benefit is that the beam rotator enables the observer to line up the FOV with e.g. the axes of a galaxy and keep the alignment. The desired position angle of the FOV can be specified in Phase II of the proposal process.

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