4.1.1 Design

EXES is a liquid helium cooled instrument. The cryostat is approximately 24 inches in diameter and 72 inches long. There are two cryogen reservoirs, one for liquid nitrogen and one for liquid helium. These are at the forward end, as mounted on SOFIA, with the entrance window on the aft end toward the telescope. There are three layers of radiation shielding within EXES - a vapor cooled shield tied only to the cryogen fill tubes, one attached to the liquid nitrogen reservoir, and the third attached to the liquid helium reservoir. All optics except for the entrance window/lens are attached to the liquid helium level. Baffling tubes connected to the liquid nitrogen level reduce thermal emission impinging on the internal optics. Within the liquid helium level, the optics are all tied to a rigid optics box constructed out of aluminum, and the detector headerboard is isolated with G10 fiberglass and actively maintained at a uniform temperature.

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