8.1 Instrument: FPI+

The Focal Plane Imager (FPI) is the standard tracking camera for the SOFIA telescope. Since an imager upgrade in 2013, the FPI uses a science grade CCD sensor and is referred to as FPI+ (FPI_PLUS). Since the FPI+ is a subsystem of the SOFIA tracking system, it is permanently installed on the telescope. Therefore, it can be operated on every observing flight, either stand-alone or in parallel with any science instrument that is mounted on the telescope’s SI flange.

As a science instrument, the FPI+ is intended to be used as a fast framerate imaging photometer in the visual wavelength range. The highly configurable readout modes of the camera can be adapted to the proposed observation needs. Examples for the scientific use of the FPI+ include observations of stellar occultations and exo-planet transits. The observations of stellar occultations benefit from SOFIA's mobility, e.g. the abilities to fly into the shadow path and to avoid cloud cover. The observation of exo-planet transits benefit from the much reduced scintillation noise at flight altitude, resulting in higher signal-to-noise ratios in the light curves compared to ground based measurements.

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