Approved DDT Programs

Note: List does not include dead leg fillers that were not executed.

Approved DDT Programs
PID Principal Investigator Title Instrument(s) Year Observed
75_0001 R. T. Hamilton (SOFIA/USRA) Observations of a Bright Type Ia Supernova in M82 FLITECAM 2014
75_0002 R. D. Gehrz (University of Minnesota) Probing the Ejecta and Surroundings of SN 2014J in M82 FORCAST 2014
75_0003 W. Vacca (SOFIA/USRA) FORCAST Observations of a Bright Type Ia Supernova in M82 FORCAST 2014
75_0013 Jochen Eislöffel (Tautenberg) Catching the outbursting new FU Orionis object 2MASS J06593158-0405277 on the rise FORCAST 2015
75_0014 Jochen Eislöffel (Tautenberg) Catching the outbursting new FU Orionis object 2MASS J06593158-0405277 on the rise FORCAST 2015
75_0015 Erick Young (SOFIA/USRA) [C II] Emission from the Horsehead Nebula GREAT 2015
75_0016 Melanie Chevance (CEA Saclay) The large-scale multi-phase ISM in the 30 Dor complex: A template for distant unresolved starburst regions FIFI-LS 2016
75_0017 William Vacca (SOFIA/USRA) Mapping the Starburst in M82 with EXES EXES 2017
75_0018 Bill Reach (SOFIA/USRA) EXES spectroscopy of H2 in IC443 EXES 2017
75_0019 Pablo Fonfria Searching for C4 in the CSE of the AGB star IRC+10216 EXES Not observed
75_0020 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Filler observations for dead legs All 2017
75_0021 Maria Kirsanova Dust transformation under irradiation and shocks around massive B-type stars: from cold grains coated with water-ice mantles to small PAHs FLITECAM 2017
75_0022 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Mid-infrared spectral map of Orion FORCAST replaced with 76_0002
75_0023 Daniel Angerhausen (U. Bern) SOFIA observations of TRAPPIST-1: spectrophotometry, stellar variability and transit timing variations FLITECAM FPI+ HIPO 2017
75_0024 Matthew Richter (UC Davis) Molecules in NGC 7538 IRS 1 & 9 EXES 2018
75_0025 B-G Andersson (SOFIA/USRA) Confirming Radiative Atomic Alignment of C+ in IC 63 GREAT not observed
75_0026 William Sparks (STScI) SOFIA confirmation of Europa plumes in coordination with HST EXES 2019
75_0027 Kenneth Hinkle (NOAO) Measuring water in AGB circumstellar outflows. II. Extreme Cases EXES 2018
75_0028 Graham Harper (University of Colorado Boulder) Mass Loss Diagnostics for Core-Collapse Supernova Progenitors EXES 2018
75_0029 Tomasz Kaminski (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) Close Circumstellar Chemistry of Oxygen-rich AGB Stars EXES 2018
75_0030 Curtis DeWitt (SOFIA/USRA) Locating the Water Vapor in the Disk of the FU Ori object V1057 Cyg EXES not observed
75_0031 Michael Mumma (NASA Goddard) Volatiles in the Unique Oort Cloud Comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS) EXES not observed
75_0032 Archana Soam (KASI) Do I sit in the sun or in the shade? EXES 2018
75_0034 Paul Lucey (University of Hawaii at Manoa)  Water abundance on the Moon from 6 μm observations FORCAST 2018
75_0035 Dariusz Lis (Caltech, LERMA) D/H Ratio in Cometary Water: Understanding the Origin of Earth’s Oceans GREAT 2018
75_0037 Bringfried Stecklum (Thuringer Landessternwarte - Karl-Schwarzschild-Observatorium) DDT Observation FIFI-LS 2019
75_0038 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) [OI] 63 micron Emission in the Trumpler 16 Region GREAT 2019
75_0039 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Observation of X Her HAWC+ 2019
75_0040 Kate Su (University of Arizona) Constraining Planetesimal Collisions in the Terrestrial Planet Zone of HD 166191 FORCAST 2019
75_0041 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) S-DDT Program: The Far-Infrared Properties in the EDGECALIFA Galaxy Sample FIFI-LS HAWC+ 2019
75_0042 Jochen Eisloeffel (Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg) Catching the accretion burst in G24.33+0.14 on the rise FIFI-LS FORCAST 2019
75_0043 Jochen Eisloeffel (Thueringer Landessternwarte Tautenburg) Deciphering the periodically outbursting masers in G107 FIFI-LS 2019
75_0045 Dario Fadda (SOFIA Science Center) Charting C+ in a Milky Way analog: NGC 7331 FIFI-LS 2019
75_0046 Randolf Klein (SOFIA Science Center) Completing the FIFI-LS observations of DR21 FIFI-LS 2019
75_0047 Elaine Winston (CfA Harvard Smithsonian) G104.52+01.24: Effect of Environment on Star Formation in the Outer Galaxy with FIFI-LS FIFI-LS 2019
75_0048 Curtis De Witt (SOFIA/USRA) M8 III extension to 06_0056 "Water Absorption in Late-Type M Giants" EXES 2020
75_0050 Graham Harper (University of Colorado) upGREAT: Probing the near-stellar environments of core-collapse supernova progenitors GREAT 2020
75_0051 Graham Harper (University of Colorado) EXES: Probing the near-stellar environments of core-collapse supernova progenitors EXES 2020
75_0052 Graham Harper (University of Colorado) FIFI-LS observations of Betelgeuse FIFI-LS 2020
75_0053 William Vacca (SOFIA/USRA) FORCAST Observations of Betelgeuse During a Dimming Event FORCAST not observed
75_0054 William Reach (SOFIA/USRA) SOFIA Legacy survey of the distribution of lunar water FORCAST planned
75_0055 William Vacca (SOFIA/USRA) Mapping the [CII] outflows in M82 FIFI-LS planned
75_0056 Nicole Karnath (SOFIA) Investigating the Outflows and Shocks of HOPS 361 GREAT 2021
75_0057 Steven Goldman (Space Telescope Science Institute) SOFIA and HST Multi-wavelength study of the Symbiotic Mira HM Sge EXES FORCAST planned
75_0058 Mark Siebert (University of Virginia) Further Investigation of the Tentative Detection of FeH Toward IRC+10216 GREAT planned
75_0059 Martin Cordiner (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Is Phosphine Present in the Atmosphere of Venus? GREAT planned
75_0060 Greg Sloan (Space Telescope Science Institute) A high-resolution quick-look spectrum of Arcturus (α Boo) EXES 2021
75_0062 Kathleen Kraemer (Boston College) AGB Stars in the Far North FORCAST planned
75_0064 Raghvendra Sahai (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) A FORCAST Study of the Cat's Eye Nebula FORCAST 2021
75_0065 John Bally (University of Colorado Boulder) The birth environment of the HH199 and HH200 jets in Lynds 1228 (IRAS 20582+7724) FORCAST 2021
76_0001 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Community Science: HAWC+ Polarimetry of 30Dor HAWC+ 2018
76_0002 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) FORCAST S-DDT Program Cycle 6 FORCAST 2018
76_0003 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Strategic DDT Observations of Galaxian Magnetic Fields HAWC+ 2019
76_0004 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) High resolution spectral survey of the massive protostar NGC 7538 IRS 1 EXES 2018
76_0005 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) Resolving pure rotational water vapor transitions in massive protostars EXES 2018
76_0006 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) [OI] Observations of the Horsehead Nebula GREAT 2018
76_0007 Harold Yorke (SOFIA/USRA) S-DDT Program: The Far-Infrared Properties in the EDGE-CALIFA Galaxy Sample FIFI-LS HAWC+ 2019
76_0008 Suzanne Madden (CEA) SOFIA Legacy Survey of [CII] in the LMC: LMC+ FIFI-LS planned

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