Ringberg Workshop on Spectroscopy with SOFIA

Selected Presentations

Introductory and Wrap-Up Talks

E. Becklin, Townes’ Legacy and SOFIA’s Science Vision
R. Grashuis, Evolution of a SOFIA Mission
K. Menten, Eric Becklin -- Pioneer of Infrared Astronomy
E. Young, The SOFIA Facility and Opportunities for Spectroscopy
H. Zinnecker, Ringberg Wrap-up

Astrochemistry Talks

P. Caselli, Astrochemistry wtih SOFIA
U. Graf, Fine Structure Lines toward NGC 2024
K. Menten, Absorption Tomography of Chemistry in the Milky Way
D. Neufeld, SOFIA/GREAT observations of the mercapto radical (SH) in diffuse molecular clouds
H. Wiesemeyer, The Chemistry of Oxygen in Galactic Diffuse Clouds

Galactic Center Talks

J. Martin-Pintado, Galactic center science with SOFIA

Instrumentation Talks

C. Risacher, upGREAT: Status of the 1.9-2.5 THz heterodyne array receivers for SOFIA
S. Heyminck, The GREAT Instrument
L. Looney, FIFI-LS First Science
A. Poglitsch, Direct Detection Instruments for SOFIA: FIFI-LS and Beyond
M. Richter, EXES on SOFIA
J. Stutzki, Future Heterodyne Instrumentation

Interstellar Medium Talks

S. Glover, Using [CII] and [OI] to trace COdark molecular gas
V. Ossenkopf, Mysterious fine structure lines in S140
G. Sandell, High spectral and spatial resolution observations of the PDR emission in the NGC2023 reflection nebula with SOFIA and Apex
S. Wallström, Physical conditions in dense molecular knots in the supernova remnant Cassiopeia A

Magellanic Cloud Talks

R. Chen, Massive Star Formation in the LMC Resolved at Clump Scales
M. Chevance, PDR study of 30 Doradus
F. Israel, Ionized Carbon in the Magellanic Clouds
Y. Okada, Large Variety of the velocity profile of C+, C, and CO and their column densities in N159

Nearby Galaxies Talks

C. Kramer, Nearby Galaxies: FIR Cooling Lines
B. Mookerjea, Resolved [CII] (158μm) spectroscopy of M33 @ 50pc with HIFI

Star Formation Talks

S. Leurini, [OI] 63μm GREAT observations in massive star forming region: G5.89-0.39
D. Nürnberger, The Global Picture of Star Formation in NGC 3603
J. Pérez-Beaupuits, The Detection of [CII] emission not Associated with Star-Forming Material in Giant Molecular Clouds
T. Stanke, The HOPS survey: from Spitzer, via Herschel, to SOFIA
F. Wyrowski, SOFIA folllow-ups of ATLASGAL massive clumps

Synergies with other Observatories Talks

U. Käufl, Synergies in Spectroscopy between SOFIA and the Ground
G. Pilbratt, SOFIA Science Synergy -- Herschel as a resource and inspiration
P. Schilke, Synergies between SOFIA and ALMA

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