AAS 219 Workshop Presentations

Presentations made at the 2012, January, 219th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Austin, TX

Early Science Results from the SOFIA Observatory

SOFIA Program Status (Pamela M. Marcum)
SOFIA Overview and science capabilities for Cycle 1 (Erick T. Young)
First Science Results from SOFIA/FORCAST: Properties of Protostars and Circumstellar Disks in OMC-2 (Joseph D. Adams et al.) pdf
GREAT Highlights from the SOFIA Early Science Flights (Hans Zinnecker, R. Gusten, et al.)
SOFIA Observations of Orion with FORCAST (James M. De Buizer et al.) pdf
First Stellar Occultation Observation with SOFIA (Edward W. Dunham et al.) pdf
SOFIA FORCAST Images of the Bipolar Planetary Nebula M2-9 (Michael W. Werner et al.) pdf
Search for Interstellar Mercapto Radicals (SH) with SOFIA (David A. Neufeld) pdf

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