AAS 213 Workshop Presentations

Early Science Opportunities with SOFIA III

Introduction (Robert Gehrz) [pdf]
Planetary Science (Dana Backman) [pdf]
Formation of Stars and Planets (Jim De Buizer) [pdf]
The Interstellar Medium in Galaxies (Margaret Meixner) [pdf]
External Galaxies and the Galactic Center (William Vacca) [pdf]
A New SOFIA Science Vision (Tom Roellig) [pdf]

Special Session

Introduction to SOFIA (Eric Becklin) [pdf]
SOFIA Observatory Status (Don Kniffen) [pdf]
FORCAST Capabilities and Status (Jim De Buizer) [pdf]
GREAT Capabilities and Status (Göran Sandell) [pdf]
The Call for Basic Science Proposals (B-G Andersson) [pdf]

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