Workshop for FORCAST and HAWC+ Data Analysis

Sunday, January 06, 2019 - 8:30am to 5:15pm PST
2019 Winter AAS Meeting in Seattle, Washington
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In this interactive workshop on SOFIA science data analysis, participants will work on recently obtained, publicly available data sets including far-infrared polarimery observations of 30 Dor obtained by HAWC+ in July 2018.

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Fee: $35

The SOFIA Science Center offers an interactive workshop on SOFIA science data analysis. The workshop participants will work on scientifically highly relevant, recently obtained, publicly available data sets. Far-infrared polarimetry observations of 30 Doradus with by HAWC+ have been obtained in in July 2018. Mid-infrared imaging and spectroscopic observations of the galactic star forming regions DR21 and W3 with FORCAST are planned for September 2018. These data sets are obtained in strategic director’s discretionary time and are made public immediately after the observation.

The workshop participants will learn how to work with and analyze HAWC+ polarimetric data as well as FORCAST imaging and spectroscopic data. Data analysis recipes will be provided before the workshop. Instructions for downloading the public data sets from the SOFIA data archives will also be distributed. During the workshop the participants can follow along the demonstration of the data analysis recipes on their own laptops and then explore the data on their own. During the demonstration and while the participants are exploring the data in the interactive part of the workshop, SOFIA scientists will be at hand to help with questions.

The goal of the workshop is to enable the community to work on SOFIA data from FORCAST and HAWC+ using the above mentioned public data sets and also to give the workshop participants a head start on analyzing these data sets. Workshop participants may try the demonstrated data analysis recipes on other, e.g. their own, data sets. The support at the workshop will focus on the analysis of the public data sets. Only limited support will be available for participant with issues specific to other data sets.

For any questions about the workshop, please contact the Help-Desk.

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