The SDSS/APOGEE Survey: Highlights in Galactic Chemical Evolution and Quantitative Spectroscopy of M-dwarfs

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 3:30pm PDT
Verne Smith
NOAO, Tucson, AZ
N232 R103
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The Apache Point Observatory Galactic Evolution Experiement (APOGEE) is a high-resolution H-band spectroscopic survey (from 1.5-1.7µm) of hundreds of thousands of stars from all Galactic populations.  An automated analysis derives stellar parameters and detailed chemical abundance distributions based on synthetic spectral libraries computed using the APOGEE spectral line list.  The infrared (IR) spectral region at wavelengths from ~1-5µm will play an increasingly important role in future large spectroscopic surveys.  This region is ideal for using red giants to probe chemical evolution of the Galaxy throughout its entire volume, including the inner bulge, bar, or Galactic center, as dust extinction is much lower in the IR when compared to the optical.  M-dwarfs can also be analyzed accurately via their IR spectra. The M-dwarfs play a crucial role in both current and future missions to search for exoplanets in habitable zones around their host stars.

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