From Protostars to Clouds: Stellar Feedback During the Early Stages of Star Formation

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm PDT
Hector Arce
Yale University
N232, Room 103
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Outflows from young stars are among the most prominent signposts of star formation. They deposit energy and momentum into their surroundings and have a considerable impact on the dynamics, distribution, and chemical composition of the gas in star-forming clouds. Protostellar winds originate within a few AU (or less) of the forming star and may reach linear sizes of a few parsecs. Thus, they interact with a variety of environments in the interstellar medium, from the high-density envelope surrounding the protostar to the low-density atomic medium surrounding the parent molecular cloud. I will discuss research using data from millimeter and sub-millimeter telescopes (i.e., CARMA, ALMA, Herschel), as well as numerical simulations that show the importance of outflow impact on molecular clouds at different scales, in particular their impact on turbulence, gas dispersal and the cloud's star formation efficiency.

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