The Early Stages of High-Mass Star Formation

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 3:30pm to 4:30pm PDT
Claudia Cyganowski
University of St. Andrews
N232, Room 103
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Most stars form in clusters, yet basic aspects of how this occurs remain unknown, including the relative birth order of high and low mass stars. In clump-scale "competitive accretion"-type models, massive stars and their surrounding cluster of lower mass stars form simultaneously. Thus a key, testable prediction of these models is that centrally condensed low-mass cores should exist within the accretion reservoir of a forming massive star.  I will present results from an ALMA Cycle 2 program to search for low-mass cores within the accretion reservoir of a high-mass (proto)cluster. Our ALMA mosaic, with a linear resolution of ~1700 AU, reveals a rich population of low-mass cores surrounding the central, massive (proto)cluster members, consistent with the predictions of competitive accretion models.  I will also present high-resolution SMA observations of two of the massive (proto)cluster members: MM2, arguably the best candidate to date for a massive starless (prestellar) core, and MM1, a young proto-O star with an apparently Keplerian disk.

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