A Chemical and Physical Approach to Disk Evolution and Planet Formation

Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 3:30pm PST
Dary Ruiz Rodriguez
N232 R103
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Winds and outflows are fundamental ingredients of star and planet formation. The energetics of outflows from young stellar objects (YSOs) are intimately connected to YSO accretion and ultimately set the initial conditions for protoplanetary disk evolution. The physical and chemical structure of the disk itself may be sharply and drastically altered by outburst events associated with episodic YSO accretion. On larger scales, the molecular chemistry in the environments of YSOs is likely strongly affected by shocks at the working surfaces of the energetic outflows as well as by X-ray emission produced as a consequence of fast YSO accretion episodes and/or YSO magnetic activity. In this talk, I will describe how the use of radio interferometers, such as ALMA, enable detailed observations of the chemistry of planet-forming regions and molecular outflows, with the ultimate goal of distinguishing between chemistry induced by outflow energetics (shocks) vs. by high energy radiation (X-rays). To illustrate the potential of this approach, I describe my recent work on interferometric imaging of gas and dust in YSO outflows and individual star/disk systems.

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