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SOFIA Science Archive at IRSA
Science data for SOFIA can be accessed through the SOFIA Science Archive at IRSA. More information on how to search for, view, and download the data are available here. Video tutorials on how to use the Archive are available on YouTube.

SOFIA Instrument Time Estimator (SITE)
SITE is an instrument-specific exposure time calculator that provides the total integration time or S/N for a given instrument, filter(s), source type (point, extended, emission line), and water vapor overburden. 

Atmospheric Transmission (ATRAN)
The atmospheric transmission as a function of wavelength may be obtained using the on-line Atmospheric Transmission tool (ATRAN), developed and provided to the SOFIA program by Steve Lord. The use of ATRAN is necessary for planning SOFIA high-resolution spectroscopic observations. For a specified observing altitude and wavelength range, ATRAN will generate a downloadable output file and plot of the atmospheric transmission as a function of wavelength.

SOFIA SPectral EXplorer (SOSPEX)
The SOSPEX tool, written by Dario Fadda and Ed Chambers, allows users to explore the final data cubes produced by the data reduction pipeline. An overview of its use can be found on the SOSPEX poster from the AAS

The FLUXER IDL tool, written by Christof Iserlohe, allows users to fit the continuum and estimate line strengths in the final FIFI-LS data cubes.

Target Visibility Tool
The downloadable Target Visibility Tool (VT) provides the capability to estimate what date, time, and aircraft heading are required to observe an astronomical target. 

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