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SOFIA 3D printed model

Print Your Own 3D SOFIA Model

Now you can print your own 3D model of SOFIA, the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy. With the help of the staff of the NASA Ames SpaceShop Rapid Prototyping Facility, the SOFIA mission team created an eight-piece, 3D-printable model of the modified 747SP aircraft, its telescope and cabin.

The printable files are at a 1/200 scale, with a removable upper fuselage section to reveal interior details, including the flying mission control center in the cabin, interchangeable science instruments and both open- and closed-telescope door configurations. The model has been simplified for durability and printing where needed.

Details, printing instructions and files are available:​​

Fact Sheets/Brochures

SOFIA General Information

SOFIA general fact sheet

SOFIA general fact sheet

SOFIA studies

SOFIA Studies

Fun Fact for Reporters

Fun Facts for Reporters

Infrared Astronomy: More Than Our Eyes Can See

Infrared Astronomy: More Than Our Eyes Can See

Aircraft and Telescope fact sheet

Aircraft and Telescope Fact Sheet

AFRC Bldg. 703 Hangar Fact Sheet

AFRC Bldg. 703 Hangar Fact Sheet

SOFIA self-guided tour

SOFIA self-guided tour

Signs of Recent Starbursts in the Milky Way Galaxy’s Center

Signs of Recent Starbursts in the Milky Way Galaxy’s Center

Orion's M42 region

Orion's M42 Region


SOFIA Science Fact Sheets

SOFIA technical flyer

SOFIA Technical flyer

EXES fact sheet

EXES instrument fact sheet

FIFI-LS fact sheet

FIFI-LS instrument fact sheet

FLITECAM fact sheet

FLITECAM instrument fact sheet
(Retired 2018)

FORCAST fact sheet

FORCAST instrument fact sheet

GREAT fact sheet

FPI+ instrument fact sheet

GREAT fact sheet

GREAT instrument fact sheet

SOFIA M17 fact sheet

HAWC+ instrument fact sheet

HIPO fact sheet

HIPO instrument fact sheet
(Retired 2018)


SOFIA M17 fact sheet

SOFIA science: M17 fact sheet


SOFIA M42 fact sheet

SOFIA science: M42 fact sheet


SOFIA CNR fact sheet

SOFIA science: Circumnuclear Ring fact sheet


EXES flyer

EXES Technical Fact Sheet

FIFI-LS instrument flyer

FIFI-LS Technical Fact Sheet


FLITECAM instrument flyer

FLITECAM Technical Fact Sheet
(Retired 2018)


FORCAST instrument flyer

FORCAST Technical Fact Sheet


FPI+ instrument flyer

FPI+ Technical Fact Sheet


GREAT instrument flyer

GREAT Technical Fact Sheet


HAWC+ instrument flyer

HAWC+ Technical Fact Sheet


Spectral resolution chart

Spectral Resolution vs Wavelength


New Zealand Science Summaries screenshot

New Zealand Science Summaries

Quick Guide cover

SOFIA Quick Guide: Instrument Capabilities and Science Cases



SOFIA Images

Scientific Observation Images
Look here for SOFIA's latest scientific images. You'll find captions and photo credits, and both labeled and unlabeled images in a couple of different resolutions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

SOFIA Observatory Images
Photos of the SOFIA airborne observatory in flight as well as instrument and christening photos are located here.

SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors (2011-2015)
Archive of Airborne Astronomy Ambassador images

SOFIA Shareables
Infographics about SOFIA

NASA SOFIA Mission Pages and multimedia gallery

Historic SOFIA wind tunnel testing photos
— search SOFIA and narrow by year 1994

Image use policy


SOFIA 3D Overview Animation without text (242 MB)
SOFIA 3D Overview Animation with text (263 MB)

SOFIA 3D Telescope Animation without text (141 MB)
SOFIA 3D Telescope Animation with text (138 MB)

SOFIA b-roll web preview (61.5 MB)
SOFIA b-roll for media distribution with 1920x1080 resolution and encoded with the ProRes codec (2.6 GB)

SOFIA Twilight air-to-air, door opening

SOFIA New Zealand 2013 Deployment video

SOFIA History Articles

SOFIA Optical Path

SOFIA Program Staff Biographies

SOFIA Operations
Eddie Zavala -- Program Manager (NASA)
Michael Toberman -- Operations Director (NASA)
David McAllister -- Deputy Program Manager for Operations (NASA)
George Sarver-- Deputy Program Manager (NASA)

SOFIA Science Operations
Kimberly Ennico Smith -- Project Scientist (NASA)
Tom Roellig -- Deputy Project Scientist (NASA)
Ed Harmon -- Mission Manager (NASA)

Harold Yorke -- Director of SOFIA Science Mission Operations (USRA)
Bernhard Schulz -- Deputy Director of SOFIA Science Mission Operations (Deutsches SOFIA Institut)
Erick Young -- Senior Science Advisor (USRA)
William Reach - Deputy Director (USRA)
Joan Schmelz - Associate Director for Science and Public Outreach (USRA)
Nancy McKown -- Mission Operations Manager (USRA)

Eric Becklin -- Chief Science Advisor (USRA)
B-G Andersson -- Associate Director for Science Operations (USRA)
Jürgen Wolf -- Senior Research Scientist (DSI)

Media Contacts

SOFIA Science Center
NASA Ames Research Center
Nicholas A. Veronico
SOFIA Program/Science Center Public Affairs Officer
nicholas.a.veronico {at}
cell 650-224-8726
Mail to:
NASA Ames Research Center, MS 232-12
Moffett Field, CA 94035-0001

Armstrong Flight Research Center
Kate K. Squires
Public Affairs Specialist
kate.k.squires {at}
Mail to:
NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center
P.O. Box 273, MS 4839
Edwards, CA 93523-0273

Deutsches SOFIA Institut (DSI) at Universität Stuttgart
Dr. Dörte Mehlert
German SOFIA E/PO lead
mehlert {at}
Mail to:
Deutsches SOFIA Institut
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Raumfahrtsyteme
Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart

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